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Daily Dog Walking/Exercise

30 - 45 minute walks or play, fresh water, treats, daily updates

Dog Sitting

Up to 4 visits per day (30 min.), walks/play, meals, fresh water, treats, medications, home care (see below), daily updates

Cat Sitting

30 minute visits, play, meals, fresh water, treats, meds, litter-box care, home care (see below), daily updates

Overnight Stays - Pet Slumber Parties!

8pm-8am. Includes midday/dinner visits, home care (see below), daily updates

Transportation to Groomer and Vet

W/in 6 mile radius of your home

Home Care

Mail/newspaper, garbage, plant care, light and blind rotation.

       Services can be modified to meet the      needs of you and your pet

Around the Block

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service for Northport, NY and Surrounding Areas

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